Let’s give a big welcome to Michelle McNiff!

Let’s give a big welcome to Michelle McNiff!


📚 Title of Book

Striker King






Lupo, a young wolf, chases his dream to play soccer for the mighty Golden Gladiators. As news spreads of his incredible feats on the Roman youth squad, Sandro, a malevolent count, sets his sight on Lupo. Only the Great Oracle of Rome can release the dark evil eye curse cast by Sandro. Forced to leave his village, Lupo breaks a promise to his mother that he would never stray from home. Will destiny shadow Lupo in his quest to find the Great Oracle? Ultimately, Lupo must return home from exile to contend for more than his freedom. Set in Ancient Rome, Striker King is an ode to the mythic folklore of a hero's journey.      

About the Author

Michelle McNiff is a world traveler, novelist, and journalist whose work has published in fiction and non-fiction. She is the author of Pedro Pan: One Boy’s Journey to America and The Piano Lady with various works in progress.



Illustrations by Kurt Huggins, an illustrator, designer, and New York Times Best-selling comic artist.

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