Let’s greet Whitney Thompson!

Let’s greet Whitney Thompson!




📚 Livi-Jai And The Not So Ordinary Routine


Whitney Jai Thompson is a Speech-Language Pathologist from Bennettsville, SC. Whitney is the owner of UnMuted, LLC. UnMuted, LLC encourages parents and caregivers to have frequent conversations with their children and provides parents and caregivers tips and strategies to improve their children’s speech and language skills. Talking with children helps them develop into more effective communicators. Livi-Jai and The Not So Ordinary Routine was written by Whitney for parents and caregivers to use as a conversation starter. The story is about a little girl trying to adjust to a new weekly routine since the start of the pandemic of 2020. Before the pandemic, Livi-Jai was always on the go spending time with her family and friends. One day, Livi-Jai realizes that everything is different. She cannot go to her favorite places or visit her family members. This is a heartfelt story that teaches children to always look for reasons to be thankful no matter the situation.

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