Let’s say hello to Umeka Jones!

Let’s say hello to Umeka Jones!


📚Title of Book

I Live With My Daddy Not My Mommy






I LIVE WITH MY DADDY NOT MY MOMMY by Authors Umeka S. Jones and Umia Jones - Watson


This book is about a young girl named Riley who lives with her father, and not her mother. As she continues to live with her father, she often visits her mother at the family center. The Family Center is a place where families come together to rebuild relationships.


While Riley lives with her father, she realizes that the separation between she and her mother makes no difference in their relationship and that both of her parents love her the same no matter what.


This short story opens up the conversation of separation…

Knowing each family dynamic varies, the authors (Did NOT) include the reason of the separation in the story.

This will allow YOU the reader, to insert your own family situation to a young child for a more in-depth understanding dealing and coping with visitation, custody and/or other family issues.


Author’s social media follows…

Instagram: @jwcreativepress

Facebook: J & W Creative Press LLC


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