Let’s welcome Meeka Caldwell!

Let’s welcome Meeka Caldwell!


📚A Friend Like Anian: The First Day of School

Meeka Caldwell is an author, wife, mother and advocate in the Down Syndrome Community and for the inclusion of Black and Brown people in the disability community. Noticing a need for more diversity embracing literature, she set out to write A Friend Like Anian to highlight her Black son with Down Syndrome and show how positive community interaction helps tear down stereotypes and stigmas surrounding Down Syndrome. The second book in the series A Friend Like Anian: The First Day of School is now available. Her and her husband, Terry, are a blended family and have 6 children ranging in ages from 6 to 23. They live in Upper Marlboro, MD. She will add to the series of A Friend Like Anian to continue to spread awareness and make an impact in diversity literature!
⭐️ IG/FB/Twitter @brownbaby321

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