Meet Diane Davis!

Meet Diane Davis!




📚Title of Book:

The Motivation Queen




On no! There seems to be a lack of kindness in the world. This is a job for the Motivation Queen!

When Queen attends a new school, she is scared but also determined. She won't forget everything she knows about the power of positivity and the strength of understanding, not even in the face of a bully. As Queen begins to teach others these wonderful lessons, something incredible happens! She grows into the one, the only Motivation Queen!

With her cape, wand, and unique powers, the Motivation Queen can sense when someone needs her, and she's off to help. She leads by example and always arrives right on time to save the day with positive reinforcement.

Share the importance of kindness and positivity with your child. The Motivation Queen is sure to engage with its beautiful illustrations and important message for everyone, young and old!

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