Meet Julia Murray!

Meet Julia Murray!




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My Name is Tommie My Story of Hydrocephalus



My Name is Tommie My Story of Hydrocephalus is a simple teaching tool Julia used to support her son in his understanding of his hydrocephalus. She used it to expose her son to different techniques to navigate through life, while embracing his uniqueness created by God in a simple story.


Some facts about children with hydrocephalus: 33% have visual impairments, 35% live with seizures, 27% have cerebral palsy.  Hydrocephalus is the most common reason for brain surgery in children.


Julia Gressel-Murray lives in San Leandro, California with her husband Ben.  They are a blended family of six.  They have a heart for the special needs community because their youngest sons each have a different special need.


After completing a successful forty plus-year career in the corporate industry, Julia is now a stay-at-home mom caring for her children, who are now in their mid-twenties.  She keeps busy as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and friend.  She enjoys creating and making connections. 


Her books continue to be a tool she uses to reach, teach, and inspire parents and children alike.  She says everyone has their own story that should be told.  She is in the process of completing her second children’s book centered on her daughter and her relationship with her special needs brother.  She is preparing to write her next book centered on her stepson with autism.

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