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Logan's 3D Printed Surprise



Think outside the box and join Logan, an imaginative, creative, homeschooled, eight-year-old boy, in finding his unique skill in this fun and inspiring new book, Logan’s 3D Printed Surprise.


Logan loves his grandmother, Mimi, very much but cannot think of a special gift for her 70th birthday. He’s not good with tools, neither can he sew nor paint. As the important day nears and everybody in the family gets ready to celebrate, will Logan be able to find his unique talent and skill to create a meaningful gift for his Mimi?


Logan’s 3D Printed Surprise introduces young readers to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing and encourages them to use this technology to solve everyday problems in their child-sized world. This book plants the seed of this emerging 21st-century technology and is for anyone who enjoys learning new skills.


This is a picture book for early readers aged between 7-10 years. The beautiful illustrations and the exciting story involving 3D design and 3D printing will captivate your child’s imagination and excite their problem-solving skills. Readers will learn:


• What CAD and 3D designs are, and

  How 3D Printers work


It will help you introduce STEM concepts to your Early Readers through story-telling, teach them resiliency and help turn the reading session into a fun yet inspiring hands-on, project-based lesson. Follow the links to have your child 3D printing and using CAD in no time.


This is a must-have book for:

• Children who love to have a fun read and want to learn something new at the same time.

• Great for classrooms and teachers embracing cutting-edge technology.

  Parents & care providers who want to incorporate STEM concept literacy among their children and students.


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