Meet Ramona M. Gaines!

Meet Ramona M. Gaines!





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Nanny and Me Words of Wisdom Devotional


A letter to Nanny

“Dear Nanny, Not long ago, I was encouraged to write a book called “Ella Mae Said.” The reason was that I was always repeating something that you said. However hilarious it was, it always had a ring of truth and applied to the situation at hand and even had scripture to back it up. So in the earlier part of 2019, almost 24 years since you have been gone, I did not think it strange when it was prophesied that I write a Nanny and Me Words of Wisdom Devotional. For indeed, I had at least a month's worth of your sayings to be a blessing to whoever would read them. It would be a labor of love, which is precisely what it has been. For it was your love that saved my very life. So as I continue to share what I selfishly tried to hold close so close, that I almost lost myself and bless the world with the phenomenal you that you so freely poured into me, I understand it now. I was left to write the oral testimony of your life and share Jesus with future generations in a way that is palatable and easy to understand. To you, Jesus was never deep or hard; He just was and still is, and that is enough. Until then,


I’ll be loving you always, Ramona”

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