Meet Shontell Woods!

Meet Shontell Woods!


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Emery Takes On Kindergarten & Emery Takes Flight


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Emery Takes On Kindergarten is a story about a young boy named Emery who moves to a new city. He has made it to his first day at his new school, but he is anxious about the day ahead. He is faced with some obstacles and is not certain of his first day at his new school will go well!


Emery Takes Flight is all about adventure! Emery sets off on his summer expedition, and he visits five places around the world! He meets some new friends at each stop and learns some cool facts about the places he visits.


Shontell Woods is an Instructional Consultant in Higher Education. She is also  the author and Founder of Sho N Tell Books. Shontell has a profound love for children from various backgrounds and a strong dedication to advancing literacy. Her motivation stems from a genuine desire to highlight characters of color from minority communities in her creative works.

Shontell is the creative force behind Sho N Tell Books, embodying the motto "Building Connections Through Characters." With over 17 years of experience in education, she is dedicated to empowering students to overcome adversities and become the best versions of themselves. Beyond her literary pursuits, Shontell finds joy in music, quality time with family and friends, and exploring new destinations through travel. Her most cherished moments are those spent creating memories with her husband and son.

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