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Kendra Nicole colorful Journey in San Juan Puerto Rico



Kendra Nicole was born in New Jersey; however, she wrote her children’s book while she was actually living in Puerto Rico. When Kendra was six years old she moved to Puerto Rico with her mom. It was a long, and exciting trip for a six-year-old. Kendra was fascinated by the vibrant colors of the island and intrigued by the language of the natives.  Kendra embraced the beauty of the language, and is now bi-lingual. She decided to write about her experience with the hopes of introducing the beauty of the island to other children. Kendra knows that you will love her book, as you take a journey with her from New Jersey to Puerto Rico. Kendra also left her readers with a wonderful interactive activity at the end of her book with the hope that all of her readers will be inspired to continue their love of the Spanish language.


Kendra Nicole’s Colorful Journey in San Juan, Puerto Rico can be purchased on Amazon at:

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