Say hi to Daniela Burley!

Say hi to Daniela Burley!


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Elen and the Water Goblin




Daniela studied at Kings College University in London and gained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2008. She worked in different industries but now has settled in health care. Her interest in writing ignited in 2002 and later on in 2011 when the first draft of Elen and the Water Goblin came to life.


Daniela is married to her husband Dave and is a mother to two amazing children. As a family they enjoy travel, adventure, and outdoors. In January 2021 they acquired two sweet little Guinea pigs. Daniela also enjoys arts and paints pictures from time to time as a hobby. Daniela is working on book two of the Water Goblin trilogy.


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Book description:

Elen and the Water Goblin

Elen is thrown into unsettling events when she decides to search for a cure for her father. A crafty Water Goblin is awaiting her arrival and she falls prey to his wicked plans. On her quest she meets the Forest Queen (an ancient tree), is befriended by Red the squirrel and is attacked by a wolf. But, besides all the obstacles she has to overcome, Elen uncovers a surprising secret. What is the secret? Does anyone else know it? And will she be in time to cure her father?

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