Say hi to Melinda Eckell!

Say hi to Melinda Eckell!


📚 Title of Book

The Adventures of Miles K. Lometer: #1 The U.S. States of New England




Melinda Eckell is the author of children’s geography and cultures books, specializing in sharing the love of geography and reading with reluctant readers and ADHD children.


Her story begins as a small child hiding under her covers with a little pen flashlight reading anything she could get her hands on. Halloween has always been her favorite holiday because she can dress up to create her story! She’s always been fascinated with history, geography and the world which is why she got her BA in History from the University of Delaware.


Melinda is the mother of an amazing daughter who taught her how a short attention span can be a blessing and how exuberant energy can be charming, which inspired her favorite character – Miles K. Lometer!

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