Cheers to Yolanda Johnson!

Cheers to Yolanda Johnson!


📚 Loving My Locs: A book about embracing your Locs


Keisha, an African American young girl, and her family have beautiful locs. Keisha loves her rope-liked locs, but kids at school bully her for having different hair they have never seen before. Keisha's parents taught her about happiness, having confidence, and self-respect. Will she use the knowledge her parents taught her when facing bullies at school? Yolanda (Yo-Yo) Johnson is a native of Atlanta, Ga. She graduated magna cum laude in Information Technology at Strayer University but instead followed her passion to become a self-published author. Yolanda wants to create more children's books with diverse main characters, teaching the importance of self-love, family, friendship, bullying, and more important life lessons. Yolanda books and coloring book can be purchased through Amazon.

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