Congratulations Sherricka Carpenter Stanley!

Congratulations Sherricka Carpenter Stanley!




📚 I Fit IN Just Right!: Me and My Family


In her debut book, Author Sherricka Carpenter Stanley brings you to what feels like a Family Reunion, Thanksgiving and Bedtime routine all rolled into one!

In this vividly illustrated and delightful rhyming book, “I Fit IN Just Right!: Me and My Family”, we get to come alongside this growing boy as he looks at all the prepositional ways he “fits” into his family. This love tap to the African American Family, explores both his father’s and mother’s side of the family as he grows from birth to adolescence

celebrating how he fits in JUST RIGHT!


Sherricka Carpenter Stanley is the Principal Author and Owner of Wabash To Worthing Publishing, LLC. She resides in Greensboro, NC with her family.

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