Learn more about Erica Terry’s books!

Learn more about Erica Terry’s books!

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The Snaggletooth Twins





Join Eva the Diva Girl and her cousin Jace on a whimsical adventure filled with laughter, determination, and the power of friendship in The Snaggletooth Twins. When Jace's tooth starts to wiggle, an idea sparks in Eva's mind—what if they become Snaggletooth Twins? With infectious enthusiasm, Eva and Jace embark on a mission to make Jace's tooth fall out, hoping to experience the joy of becoming twinning snaggletooth pals.


Through Eva and Jace's journey, young children will be inspired to face their own challenges with courage and tenacity. This enchanting story teaches the value of never giving up, believing in oneself, and embracing the power of friendship. Add The Snaggletooth Twins to your classroom library today and watch your students' resilience and self-confidence blossom with each turn of the page.




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