Meet Erica Terry!

Meet Erica Terry!


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Eva the Diva Girl Speaks Powerful Affirmations




As a teacher, witnessing students struggle with low confidence and self-esteem is heart-wrenching. But fear not, because Eva the Diva Girl is here to help! In this uplifting, inspirational, and rhyming story, Eva the Diva Girl teaches young children the transformative power of positive affirmations, guiding them on a journey to increase confidence and practice self-love.


Written by the mother-daughter duo, Erica N Terry and Eva Terry, this book is a testament to the transformative impact of empowering literature. Accompanied by stunning illustrations, the vibrant pages of Eva the Diva Girl Speaks Powerful Affirmations will captivate young minds, instilling them with the belief that they are deserving of love, acceptance, and success.



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