Let’s welcome Dominique Turner!

Let’s welcome Dominique Turner!


📚Title of Book

Cookies Are NOT for Breakfast!






Meet Jo Jo, a super-duper cookie lover who just can't get enough of his Nana's delicious cookies. They're so yummy that Jo Jo can't help but dream about having them for breakfast! But wait a minute, are cookies for breakfast? Join Jo Jo as he uses his super imagination to come up with all sorts of wacky and wild ideas to enjoy his favorite treats in the morning.


Author Bio: Dominique, a passionate writer, brings over a decade of experience to her role as the co-founder of Cocoa Books. With 10 years of working closely with children, she's harnessed her love for storytelling and her commitment to diversity in children's literature to create an inspiring collection of books. Dominique's vision is to empower young minds through inclusive stories that resonate and ignite the imagination.


Social Media:

FB: @Cocoa Books

IG: @cocoabooksstore

FB (Personal): Dominique Turner

IG (Personal): @turnersathome_

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