Say hi to Tani Lamb!

Say hi to Tani Lamb!


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The Princess of Sapphires and Sand





The Princess of Sapphires and Sand’s synopsis


Lava then mumbled under her breath, “This day is definitely turning out to be more adventurous than I planned.”

Fear began to fill the little princess, and her heart raced. The frigid water and threatening smoke formed a multicolored cocoon around her. The princess could still breathe, but her vision was very limited. The damp mist and colored smoke closed in on her from every direction.

Lava began to panic! But, before she screamed, she noticed something . . .


Long before the Mediterranean Sea was blue, a valuable promise was broken. This broken promise left a debt unpaid. Now, the debt collector has resurfaced from this dark past and expects payment in full!

An unknowing princess is expected to pay what is owed. She is thrown into a global race through time, unraveling riddles and using her wit to gather scattered treasures. She must repay this family debt . . . or her entire world could be destroyed.


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