Let’s welcome Dr. Dawn Menge!

Let’s welcome Dr. Dawn Menge!




📚 Queen Vernita's Visitors Educational series


Dr. Dawn Menge has won forty-one International awards as the published author of the Queen Vernita's Educational Series Including the special recognition Champion Award from Conquering Disabilities with Film Festival. Her newest release Dragon's Breath was just released in February. Her published works also include: THE SIX FEDERAL INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PLAN GOALS AND THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THEIR IMPLEMENTATION IN PREPARING FOR TRANSITION.

Dr. Dawn Menge has a PHD in Education. She specialized in Curriculum and Instruction. A Master's and a Clear Credential in moderate/severe disabilities and a Bachelor's in Human Development. Dr. Dawn Menge has been teaching severely handicapped students for twenty years.

Dr. Dawn Menge is the mother of three and the grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren.

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