Greetings to Uso Sayers!

Greetings to Uso Sayers!


📚 Always Believe in Yourself!


Always Believe in Yourself! and the accompanying Activity Book are part of the Elyse So Powerful book series written by eight year old Elyse Sayers. These books are designed to uplift and inspire children. Whether they are a fearless little boy or a strong little girl, there is something for all kids to enjoy in the wonderful selection of positive affirmations and exciting activities. Elyse published her first book at seven years old and is working on her third book. Elyse loves adventure! Her favorite activities are biking, swimming, gymnastics, science experiments, crafts, reading, and nature. She loves to play video games with family and friends, and enjoys being a Girl Scout Brownie. One of her biggest passions is volunteer work, where she serves her community with her Church, School and Family.

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