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Cassie's Big Change How COVID-19 Changed The Way We Learn


Dr. Foley started the book-writing journey when she was encouraged by her co-author, Dr. Sharon Waddle. They wrote the book card, Congratulations Graduate! You Have Arrived At The Beach. The book card can be sustained as a lifetime resource and a book that keeps on giving for the duration of their lives. It shares practical tools and steps to branding yourself, the importance of spiritual relationships, and steps to becoming a goal-oriented person. Through this card book, we anticipate that graduates will be proactive with their physical and mental healthcare. We feel certain they will be focused and structured on their dreams and ambitions in life. Join us on this journey to the Beach.



Dr. Foley always wanted to write a children’s book and was compelled when she read and listened to educators talk about the emotional struggles children were facing when they began their virtual learning experience. Cassie’s Big Change How COVID-19 Changed The Way We Learn shares the journey of Cassie and her classmates. This book addresses social and emotional learning, fear, anxiety, and many other emotions. The book also shares the hope that Cassie has that her situation will get better. The support of her parents and her teacher assists in processing her feelings.

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