Meet Hannika Shellings!

Meet Hannika Shellings!


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My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness





Hannika Shellings is a philanthropist, certified personal development coach, public speaker, and author. Her testimony in overcoming a traumatic and  delinquent childhood, stemming from adoption, truancy, and later a 30-day jail sentence at the tender age of 18, has become the catalyst for her current work today.


Upon Hannika’s release from jail, she knew that God had a higher purpose for her innate gifts. She began healing, completing both her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Florida International University, and professionally flourished to hotel management for luxury brands throughout Florida. Beyond her passion for travel and tourism, Hannika knew God ordained more for her. This is when she decided to resign from hotel management, and became Founder of the nonprofit organization, Leaders in Pink Inc. ; an evidence-based social and emotional learning program for girls grades 6-12.


After piloting Leaders in Pink Inc. with Booker T. Middle School, located in Sarasota, FL, she decided to extend program services in her hometown Daytona Beach, FL. A few years later, Hannika desired to reach a more diverse audience, leading her to form Leadersville Academy LLC, a personal and professional leadership development brand for both teens and young adults. Thereafter, she published Leadersville’s very first social and emotional learning workbook for students grades 6-12, “My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness”.


My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness is a research and practical based workbook that includes 50 readings and exercises, covering seven SEL competencies. The workbook highlights topics, such as: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, social awareness, self-esteem, goal setting, decision-making, and healthy relationships. Each reading and exercise equips students with evidential and pragmatic learning that mirrors everyday challenges and situations encountered academically, socially, and domestically. Upon completion, students will possess the tools and knowledge to successfully manage their emotions and actions across life’s many facets. My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness has been used in various schools, organizations, and households, receiving positive reviews and referrals.


Hannika’s goal is to continue creating an impactful legacy through the development and advancement of others. Her humble beginnings will always serve as a platform for the greater good and leverage of God’s people.



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