Say hi to Tyra Hightower!

Say hi to Tyra Hightower!


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Tara's Journey Overseas





Tara is the happiest little first-grade student. With a big smile on her face at all times, it seems like nothing can make her sad. Well...almost nothing. One day, when her mother informs her they will be moving to the UAE, Tara is faced with the toughest challenge of her life. She doesn’t want to leave her friends and family behind, but it seems like the move is imminent.


Luckily, Mommy Phillis is on the case, and she makes sure Tara has a smooth transition. After weeks of celebrations, fun with all their loved ones, and a long plane ride, Tara and her mom finally arrived in Dubai. After Tara sees her new home, school, and friends, it might not be so bad after all.



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