Meet Leslie Clark!

Meet Leslie Clark!


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O is for Ownership: The ABCs of the Stock Market for Beginners




Leslie Clark is a wife, mother, engineer, entrepreneur, and author. Her love for children and volunteering in her community sparked her desire to write books that reflect on issues as well as topics she believed were not being discussed. Clark is a native of Bradenton, Florida but currently resides in Buford, Georgia with her husband and kids. She has been jotting down her ideas for over a decade but recently found the spark needed to turn those ideas into reality. Her goal is to reach as many children of all backgrounds as she can and instill in them a spirit of love, ownership, and lifelong learning. 

Book overview:

Ownership is the key that will open any door. "O is for Ownership: The ABCs of the Stock Market for Beginners" serves as the guide individuals have been waiting for. Many individuals harbor apprehensions about the Stock Market due to their lack of knowledge, but that fear comes to a halt here. One of the quickest methods to narrow the wealth gap within specific communities is through investment. The book doesn't claim to possess all the answers, but it will direct readers toward the path to financial freedom, which commences with ownership. Leslie has authored this book with the aim of kindling a sense of enthusiasm, not only in the youth (since one is never too young to learn), but also in young adults or beginners seeking a straightforward introduction. Families cannot rely solely on the public school system to impart every essential lesson to their children; they must assume the "ownership" of planting seeds that will continue to flourish in the next generation.

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