Say Hi to Erica Jones!

Say Hi to Erica Jones!


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What makes comic books so unique for early readers? This is because comics have a unique way of using text and images in a sequential format to keep readers engaged. Why not create a comic book that is educational and entertaining for early readers? Ready Set Bet LLC Presents Attack of the Giant Bookworm! Written and illustrated by Erica C. Jones. This fun-filled adventurous comic book is brightly colored and designed especially for early learners. At Ready Set Bet their goal is to create unique and exciting ways to engage young readers during the early years of learning. Join Big Dog and Little Cat as they implement problem-solving, critical thinking, and healthy competition as they race to save the town's library from a gigantic alien bookworm. Together Big Dog and Little Cat will unleash their superhero powers to prevent the gigantic alien bookworm from destroying the town's library forever! Big Dog and Little Cat will embark on an epic adventure as they stop at nothing to save the library, while also trying to convince the bookworm that reading is a superpower! Will the town’s library be destroyed forever? Will Big Dog and Little Cat save the library before it’s too late?


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