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Maikel Diane Brown is a self-published author and entrepreneur, who is also a creative artist and a full time single mother of one. She was born in Montgomery, Alabama and currently resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. In addition to writing, she enjoys art, music, traveling and spending time with her daughter, family and close friends. Maikel Diane is the proud owner of The Brown Gals, LLC, “A Transcendent Space of Creativity to Inspire, Influence & Motivate”. Drawing from her experiences, imagination and native roots, Maikel Diane creates a variety of content for both adults and children. You can follow her on social media sites Facebook and Instagram @maikel.diane.brown or @the.brown.gals. For more information regarding Maikel Diane’s books and other creative works, please visit or contact
⭐️Book Summary
“Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?”
Inspired by a true and loving relationship that I have with my daughter, I created a story of hypothetical questions a child might ask their grown-up in the future about LIFE!
Enjoy the loving and poetic conversation a mother has with her young daughter named August, that plays on a brainstorming technique (5 W’s & H questions) to help her realize why she is AWESOME!

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