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Let’s welcome Shaneice White! She’s the newest member of #MrsAshburysWorld & Friends! 🎉
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Black Girls Make Magic
Destiny is a young girl filled with vigor and love for herself! But just because she is vibrant and full of life does not mean that she’s never faced adversities in life. However, Destiny always manages to persevere and remain positive because of the wisdom that her mother sheds. And most importantly, she knows how to use the affirmations to get her through life’s obstacles. Witness how Destiny uses affirmations in this endearing story of self-love!
Ms. Shaneice White was born and raised in Madison, WI. After graduating from high school she went on to attend San Diego State University, where she earned her BS in Child and Family Development with additional studies in Cultural Proficiency and Counseling/ Social Change. Ms. White is currently an elementary school teacher in the heart of Metro Atlanta. She is also pursuing her M.Ed in Elementary Education at Grand Canyon University. Ms. White has a profound passion for young children, traveling, and education. She strongly believes that representation within the books that children read matter. Follow Ms. White's journey as she continues to use her gift of resilience, determination, and passion to empower young minds; the future of our nation!
IG: uniquely_melanated._

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