Meet Natalie McDonald-Perkins!

Meet Natalie McDonald-Perkins!




📚 Best in Me


Natalie McDonald-Perkins' debut book, "Best in Me," is one that will linger within your soul for days, months, and years to come. This book reignites the senses through the use of poetry. Her intentional and perfectly crafted words take every adult on a nostalgic journey, forcing one to reexamine childhood wounds, at the hands of unkind people. While Perkins invites us into the lives of nine multicultural children, she effortlessly uses the power of language to weave a common thread that will resonate with children across the world, as well as the child that still lives within every adult. As you flip through the pages of this book and get lost in the words, Perkins will subconsciously challenge you to initiate a dialogue with your children and students. Step up and rise to Perkins' challenge, by first, owning this book, and gifting it to the ones you love. This book belongs within EVERY child's personal library and EVERY school library across the world. Dare to look within yourself and discover and/or rediscover the best in YOU!"


-Elementary School Teacher

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