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📚Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear! & The Positive Perspectives Activity Book

Aliyah's Missing Teddy Bear is an opportunity for young readers to go on a journey with five-year-old Aliyah as she experiences the many emotions that are natural phases in the grief process. Once she discovers that her beloved Bearry is missing, pay close attention to examples of how she shows Anger, Blame, Sadness, and eventually Acceptance and Healing. This book not only speaks to children but will also speak to adults who experience these very natural emotions. The Positive Perspectives Activity Book provides simple activities and question prompts that are designed to 1) build resilience; 2) help children identify their feelings; 3) give space to talk, write and draw about their feelings, and 4) to gain a positive perspective in the process. Grief and loss are experienced by the whole family, Aliyah’ s hope is that we continue to heal with time.

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