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Let’s welcome Author Taunya T. D. Said to Mrs. Ashbury’s World!                                   


Smart Alec Alex, Changing Schools and Classroom Rules, Braces and Glasses, Imagine That!, The Vacation from Hello-Operator, HELP!

Alexandria P. Knowitall, also known as Smart Alec Alex, is a 6th grader at T.K Spittle Middle School. Alex thinks she is the smartest kid in the school, but in reality, she is a smart aleck. With her snappy comebacks and her “I’m always right” attitude, Alex definitely does not “know it all”. 

Taunya T. D. Said has the ability to keep you bent over in laughter. Although she can overwhelm you with her daily antics, every now and then you may be able to find her serious side. Taunya resides in Maryland with her loved ones. 

She works as a Federal Government Management and Program Analyst and has an MBA in Business Administration. Her writing experience ranges from technical writing of government policies to lyrical expression through years of songwriting.

⭐️ IG: @t.d.said

⭐️ FB: tdsaid1

⭐️ Twitter: Taunyasai

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