Meet William K. C. Russell!

Meet William K. C. Russell!




📚 Live in Color: Positive Affirmations coloring book for children


William K. C. Russell (4 years old) created this positive affirmations coloring with his mom and dad; to help children build their self-esteem. William is the youngest author in his family of creatives; gaining his first author credit at the age of 3! William’s parents speak positive affirmations to him routinely. They firmly believe "I Am" is the most powerful phrase to be spoken, and this book highlights this in a very direct and powerful way.


In Live in Color: Positive Affirmations for Children, the words of affirmation are the focal point, and that is intentional. Often times, for children who have experienced trauma, their voices are snatched away from them. Their self-esteem is impacted, and they have a difficult time making sense of the world.


They want to help change that, and provide an engaging tool for children and their caregivers to use as a conversation starter. A way to help children find their voices. And, reaffirm to them that they are resilient and perfect in every way!


By the end of Live in Color, children will know just how important and special they are!

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