Thankful for Books Part 4

  • Meet Frenchaire Gardner


📚Mommy & Daddy, Do You Still Love Me Anymore?

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The book spreads love and hope to foster and adopted children with the message that their biological parents still love them despite their separation. This book discusses from the point of view of the child, the experience of being taken to foster care, being adopted, and feeling abandoned by their families.

This book is a personal dedication to my four children Joseph Jr., Frenchaire-Two, Melchizedek Malcolm X, and Sarai, mommy and daddy love you very much.




📚 Crowing Glory with Queenie & King

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CROWNING GLORY ; A History Of African Hair Tradition.

Join twins Queen and King as they learn about the history of indigenous African hairstyles and how they are an inspiration for many of the hairstyles we have around the world today. The book has an accompanying activity and workbook and it is available in English and French. This is the first book in the "Africa is not a country series".

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  • Meet Roni Robbins

📚What’s Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas

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DJ and Roni Robbins, a mom and son author team is excited to present the first release of their new series.

It’s Christmas eve, and the family is playing games and opening gifts. When DJ is surprised with a fun, read and seek book called,

What’s Wrong with This Picture? 12 Days Before Christmas.

This rhyming read and seek story is based on the 12 Days of Christmas Carol. From twelve drummers drumming to one partridge in a pear tree, children will enjoy finding ten things wrong in each of these Christmas scenes. There are things to do and see. “But something is wrong. Or is it just me?”


  • Meet Marta Pickard

📚Gabbie's Gift

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Gabbie Books is a SEL series of books that shares stories of Gabbie going through elementary school as a fourth grader and student approaching middle school. Gabbie books shares stories of her friendships and how she overcomes student mischief and real world student scenarios that initiate student discussion in classrooms and in the homes of parents. Book 1 "Gabbie's Gift", the first book of the series introduces Gabbie and Madeline as she faces a class bully.  Gabbie encourages all students to embrace their inner GENIUS and the power to USE the KNOWLEDGE they learn.

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