Thankful for Books Part 5

  • Meet DrTeeTee Books

📚Together til' the End, Ife's Incredible Friends

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Can words really hurt?

Ife is a Nigerian-American girl whose ordinary days turn into unforgettable adventures. In the book Together til the END: Ife's Incredible Friends; it is Ife's first day in school and she meets several new friends; but will a misunderstanding with Wohali and an encounter with the Brute Twins make her lose the friends she has made?

This first book in the Ife Adventure series engages the reader as they learn what it means to not just be a friend but an INCREDIBLE one who listens, forgives, tries new things, and stands up for others and for themselves.

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Instagram: drteetee89



  • Meet Yoder Milton

📚Naija Girl

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A girl travels from America to Nigeria to pay her respects to her grandma. Her trip is bittersweet as she meets family members and explores her rich culture. On her journey, she learns more about her heritage and gets a taste of her homeland.

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  • Meet Renetta Daniels

📚 Did You Know? 

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Renetta Daniels is a new African American author of Children’s Books. She absolutely loves working with children, teaching, and creating books to help extend their education.

She has published 3 books.

1. Alphabet Activity Book for kids

2. 1,2,3 Count With Me!

3. Did You Know?

All 3 can be found on Amazon.

She is currently on Tik-tok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Connect on all social platforms @readingwithnetta



  • Meet Kimeca Caine

📚 I love my Kinks, Coils & Waves

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An active and happy little girl expresses her love for her hair and herself. Read along with her and think of all the things that you love about yourself.




  • Meet Tamara South

📚 Super Tahlia Helps at the Hospital

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Do you want to encourage your children to help others?

Life is hard! And it's even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out. The new children's book, Super Tahlia, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-sized characters easy enough for young reader, yet witty enough for adults.

Caring Tahlia never misses her Sunday visits to the hospital with her mom, who's a nurse. Every Sunday, she puts on her white coat and does her best to put smiles on the faces of the children at the hospital. She loves children as much as she likes helping other people. But today, one of her little friends at the hospital isn’t' happy. Will Tahlia find out why the child is not happy? Can she do anything to make him smile again?

The author, in the book, highlights that nobody is too young to help someone else stay happy. The "Super Tahlia" book is gears to kids aged 4-10. Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students or toddlers. Excellent resource for counselors, parents and teachers alike.



  • Meet Delena King

📚 The African American ABC Book

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The African American ABC Book is a “point-and-say” alphabet book that invites little readers to explore the letters of the alphabet in a whole new way and meaningful way.

Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a picture to promote reading readiness and observational skills.

The African American ABC Book’s colorful illustrations are large and filled with bright, vibrant designs perfect for teaching each letter of the alphabet from

A is for Africa to Z is for Zulu. Amazon:


  • Meet Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze

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Do you know that Africa is home to the “Big 5” African game animals, the “Little 5” animals, the “Ugly 5” animals and the “Shy 5” animals? Do you know that tigers and kangaroos are not indigenous to Africa? Do you know there are many African folktales about animals? Do you know that there are penguins in Africa? Do you know that many of these animals are quickly disappearing as a result of poaching and climate change? Curious to learn more? Then join the family on holidays on their first African safari with Mr Fadhili, their tour guide. King is excited because he loves animals and knows a lot about them. Queenie is scared of the giraffes trying to share her fruits but curious to learn about the animals. As they drive around, Mr Fadhili teaches them about Africa’s indigenous animals and the effects of poaching and climate change on their population.

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