We are Thankful for Books Part 2

  • Meet Chris'Ana Noel-Paul

📚Crissie's Crisis

Website - crissiescrisis.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of Crissie! This whimsical female character loves purple, green and ladybugs. She loves her family, her dog and learns a great lesson on how to tie her shoelaces. Children of all ages will enjoy this engaging story which also teaches life lesson. She has her own IG handle, @Crissiescris.


  • Meet Iselyn Hamilton Austin

📚MiMi, Memaw, Yaya, Gaga, Nana, Granny, BigMama, and Me



Being a grandmother is the greatest joy of experiencing moments and memories, and watching your grandchildren grow, love, and learn. MIMI, MEMAW, YAYA, GAGA, NANA, GRANNY, BIG MAMA, AND ME is the first book in the MIMI and ME children's book series where readers of any and all ethnic and cultural backgrounds can enjoy the experience of the loving bond between a child and their grandmother, which leaves a lasting memory.

Facebook @Iselyn Hamilton Austin

IG @Iselyn51


  • Meet Wonderful  Davidson

📚Pearls of Wisdom for Young Ladies


Wonderful Guiding (Light YouTube)

The Unique Name Club (Facebook)

Wonderful Davidson (Facebook )



  • Meet Lyric Johnson

📚I’m Beautiful, I’m Smart, and I Can Do All Things

Website - www.lyricj.net

Inspired by a father’s loving words to his daughters, I’m Beautiful, I’m Smart, and I Can Do All Things is an uplifting picture book filled with affirmations that are reinforced with Godly principles. Coupled with biblical scriptures and beautiful illustrations, this book is sure to strengthen a child’s walk with God and encourage them to be fearless leaders that will shape the world in a positive, Christian light.


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